English City Newsletter (市報英語版)

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This excerpt from the city’s newsletter is published by Ginowan City Hall’s Shimin Kyoudou Suishin Ka (Civic Cooperation Promotion Division), in hopes of helping residents who may have trouble reading or understanding Japanese. This English version is not an official translation of the original Japanese version. Ginowan City Hall and its translator will individually or jointly accept no responsibility or liability for damage or loss caused by any error, inaccuracy, misunderstanding, or changes in regard to this translation.
Administrative services are provided in Japanese only, unless otherwise stated.
English Interpreter:  ☎098-893-4411 (Ext. 402) during office hours. ⇨tuuyaku@city.ginowan.okinawa.jp

通訳者:  ☎098-893-4411 (内線577)開庁時間以内。 ⇨tuuyaku@city.ginowan.okinawa.jp


【組織名】 企画部 市民協働推進課
【連絡先】 098-893-4411 (代表)
 ・人材育成交流センターめぶき(TEL 098-896-1215)
【窓口】 市民協働推進課:新館2階 庁舎内マップ